AppLock Fingerprint MOD APK 7.9.29 (Pro/Premium) Download Free 2022

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AppLock Fingerprint MOD APK 7.9.29 (Pro/Premium) Download Free 2022

AppLock Fingerprint MOD APK 7.9.29 (Pro/Premium) Download Free 2022

NameAppLock Fingerprint MOD APK
Latest Version7.9.29
Mod InfoPro/Premium
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Are You Looking For Best AppLock with High Security ? Today i am Going to tell You best which means #1 in Security AppLock. It Gives All those features which you need From AppLock Screen Customization to High security and also catch the intruders taking the photos and videos which is also best feature and it also supports multiple lock feature and much more read complete details below.

What is AppLock Fingerprint ?

AppLock Fingerprint MOD APK is the #1 in security and features this app gives you lot of customization and multi applock and fake lock. Fake App Lock give the error of the app has be stopped. It Also lock networks Like Wifi Mobile Data. This Application supports more than 25+ languages. The user interface of the application is very easy. Even you can lock notifications and incoming calls. You can decorate AppLock Layout which means you can randomly change digits what to want to hide and show background color or wallpapers.

one of the best feature in this that you can set dots of the patters as you know by default in any applock or home screen lock there is 3×3 pattern layout but in this applock you can change to 10×10 and even 15×15 which is very very hard to unlock which means no chance for byepass but more layout dots in pattern lock is also hard to remember your pattern lock. so, Remember carefully.

AppLock Fingerprint MOD APK 7.9.29 (Pro/Premium) Download Free 2022

Catch Intruders

If Someone access Your App where you set the Applock Then, It Take Photos and Videos with Audio too. This feature make it in high security and no need any other application yopu just do in 3M of AppLock. You can watch Photos and Video with time who is trying to access your application which you were locked.

Advanced AppLock

It is an Advanced Lock You can also lock system feature Like recent apps, incoming calls and much more as you can see in below Screenshot. Even if anyone want to trying the force stop the applock application you can also lock the app info page by which easily anyone can not be force stop the AppLock.

AppLock Fingerprint MOD APK 7.9.29 (Pro/Premium) Download Free 2022

Multiple Password and Homescreen Lock

Multiple password is also very hard because you can set password after the one more password and it is very hard to byepass multiple password. this applock also provide the feature of home screen lock which is also the best feature if anyone know about the lockscreen password then that also need for home screen lock which means double lock or double security.

Scalable Lock and Fake Lock

Scalable pattern size up to 18×18 than the existing simple 3×3 pattern. You can set dots layout in pattern applock upto 15×15 which is impossible to byepass and it is very hard to unlock that pattern lock. but be careful remember the pattern you were set because it is very hard to remember the more dot layout pattern lock.

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